“A lot of the threat to film is a little short-sighted, and finance-driven. I shoot film because it’s the best way of capturing an image and preserving it, and it’s important for filmmakers to always have the option to use it. My real push is to get us out of this area where the choice of imaging is given to the lineproducer or the studio. I want to put it back in the hands of the director,” Christopher Nolan, Film Director

“The industry is pretty clear that it needs a preservation plan at least as good as what it has right now for analog film, which meets a 100-year access requirement,”  – Andy Maltz, Director of the Science and Technology Council and co-author The Digital Dilemma

Film is history. With every foot of film that is lost, we lose a link to our culture, to the world around us, to each other and to ourselves.”  – Martin Charles Scorsese is an American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and film historian

…Our dependence on technology could lead to the 21st century being a new dark age in history, with any evidence of our culture lost in a digital ‘black hole’, Vinton Cerf, Google CEO, and Father of Internet.