Call for Papers

Celluloid in Digital Age: Symposium on the Changing Face of Cinema

June 2015, Mumbai, India

During the 20th century of Cinema, everything was shot on film – a celluloid material whose light-sensitive surface could record lasting images and it was the only option. However, as technology advanced, the last decade was dominated by digital filmmaking.

The merit of shooting movies on film versus digital cameras has been intensely debated about. While the Digital film makers promote about the constantly upgrading visual quality, practical and economic benefits of digital film making, the Purists like Tarantino and Christopher Nolan advocate about the standard for the highest, best quality, visual texture of celluloid and discipline of film making.

The emergence of Digital has plenty of consequences and makes the ground fertile for this symposium; we have listed the three most crucial issues to be debated. And we invite relevant research work on below mentioned broader topics.

  1. Is still director/cinematographer in control of AESTHETICS and creative decision of Cinema?
  2. Can Cinema be ARCHIVED in the post-celluloid era?

Symposium Objectives

The main objectives of the symposium are to:

  1. Bring together thinkers, scholars and practitioners of Cinematography as well as the media, museums, social and business institutions, to examine the state of Celluloid and Digital medium;
  2. Promote a rich and open environment to discuss these critical and urgent issues;
  3. Develop effective strategies to disseminate and implement across India the outcomes of the symposium

Proposed Program:

In this backdrop, we are issuing a call for papers for the Symposium. The one day symposium will cover broad areas with emphasis on the Analog filmmaking. This topic will be approached broadly from many different areas.

This symposium is an opportunity for artists, scholars, filmmakers and students to discuss their work with leading scholars and professionals in their fields and to participate in a discussion. The symposium will include presentations of selected papers and sessions, as well as question & answer and discussion sessions.

Submit abstracts of individual papers (approx. 300-500 words) as PDFs at:

Important information:

  1. Papers submitted to the Symposium will be reviewed by at least two reviewers
  2. All the papers submitted to the Symposium must be in English
  3. There is no charge to submit to the Symposium
  4. Only electronic submissions will be considered
  5. Papers must be in PDF format


Deadline for abstracts: May 30, 2015

Notification to selected participants, June 05, 2015

Deadline for papers for presentation: June 20, 2015

Contact information
For further information, please contact us at:

Shikha Makan

Pa. Madhavan (+91 9689041602)



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